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ISBN ID        Book Title          Author Name            Book Price [US$]           Category of the Book

8121505788 A History of the Arya Samaj: An account of its origin, doctrines and activities with a biographical sketch of the founder revised, expanded and edited by Sri Ram Sharma Dy. 225p. 1993 Lajpat Rai 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504745 History of Bhopal State: Deveopment of Constituition, administration and national awakening 1901-1949 Dy. 232p. 1990 Kamala Mittal 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503825 History of Bihar 1740-1772: Dy. 208p. 1970 Shree Govind Mishra 22 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121509548 History, Culture and Truth: Essays presented to D.P. Chattopadhyaya Dy. 8vo. 407p. Daya Krishna and K.Satchidananda 75 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503795 History of Firuzshah Tughluq: Dy. 214p. 1967 Jamini Mohan Banerjee 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502950 History of the Gujarat Kingdom 1458-1537: 1975 Dy. 336p. J. Chaube 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500036 The History of the Gujara Pratiharas: sec. Rev. edn. Dy. 266p. With 2 maps 1986 B.N. Puri  25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121510066 The History of Humayun ( Humayun-Nama): trans. Into English with introductory notes, ills. And biographical appendix and reproduced in the Persia from the only known MS. Of British Museum by A.S. Beveridge Dy. 443p. With 9 b&w ills. 2001 Gulbadan Begum 38 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501636 History of Indian Administration: Vol. III: Modern Period: Dy. 362p. 1982 B.N. Puri 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150211X History of the Khaijis AD 1290-1320: Dy. 402p. 1980 Kishori Saran Lal 26 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505828 A History of Modern Tibet, 1913-51: The demise of the Lamaist state Dy. 934p. 1993 Melvyn C. Goldstein 65 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503396 History of the Qutb-Shahi Dynasty: Dy. 763p. With 61 b&w ills. And 4 maps 1974 H.K. Sherwani 60 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170691222 History of the Rise of the Mahomedan Power in India: trans. From the original Persian by John Briggs with copious notes 4 vols. Dy. 1547p. 1981 Mahomed Kasim Ferishta 150 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503353 Music of the Nations. A Comparative Study: Dy. 235p. 2002 Swami Prajnanananda 27 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121510201 Studies in Hinduism: translated from the French by Ian Kesarcodi Watson. Dy. 2002 Rene Guenon 25 HINDUISM   
8121502969 The Imperial Guptas and Their Times C. AD 300-550: Dy. 272p. 1975 S.K. Maity 20 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506484 In Search of an Entente: India and Italy: From the XIX to the XX century.A Survey Dy. 72p. 1994 Mario Prayer 22 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501660 India and Bhutan: A study in interrelations 1771-1919: Dy. 252p. 1982 Manorama Kohli 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506247 India as Reflected in the Divyavadana: Dy. 185p. 1995 Kalpana Upreti 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502497 India as Reflected in the Inscriptions of Gupta Period: Dy. 256p. 1978 Haripada Chakraborti 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501245 India at the Polls 1980: A study of the parliamentary election Dy. 198p. 1984 Myron Weiner 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504648 India in the Time of Patanjali: Dy. 280p. 1990 B.N. Puri 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150394X India-What Can it Teach us? Indian ed. By K.A. Nilakanta Sastri Dy. 246p. 1991 F. Max Muller 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500265 Indian Entertainment: Dy. 332p. With 11 b&w ills. 1985 R.N. Saletore 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502152 Indian Historical Vistas: Dy. 194p. 1980 S.A.I. Tirmizi 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170691125 Indian Palaeography: Cn. 4t. 208p. With 9 tables and 8 diagrams 1980 Georg Buhler 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121509165 Indian Shipping: A history of the sea-borne trade and maritime activity of the Indians from the earliest times Dy. 310p. With 24 ills. 1999 Radha Kumud Mookerji 49 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501849 Indian Warfare: A history of the Sea-borne trade and maritime activity of the Indians from the earliest times: Dy. 310p. With 24 ills. 1999 Radha Kumud Mookerji 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000044 The Indians and the Amerindians: 1992 Cn. 4t. 286p. B. Chakravarti 27 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000045 Iran: Royalty, Religion and Revolution: Ro. 392p. 1980 Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000046 Krishi-Parashara (Agriculture by Parashara): trans. Into English.A text on ancient Indian agriculture in Sanskrit with commentaries by H.V.Balkundi and Y.L.Nene 102p. 1999 Nalini Sadhale 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503310 Ladakh and Western Himalayan Politics 1819-1848: The Dogra conquest of Ladakh,Baltistan and West Tibet and reactions of other powers Dy. 258p. 1973 C.L. Datta 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150477X Land Revenue Administration Under the mughals: Dy. 193p. 1989 Noman Ahmad Siddiqi 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506573 Land System in Northern India C. AD. 400-C. AD 700: Dy. 236p. 1995 Saroj Dutta 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501512 Landmarks of South Asian Civilizations: Ro. 544p. 1982 Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504627 Last Days of Ahom Monarchy: A history of Assam from 1769 to 1826: Dy.317p. With 3 maps 1993 S.L. Baruah 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150577X The Later Ghaznavids: Splendour and Decay: The dynasty in Afghanistan and Northern India, 1040-1186 Dy. 204p. 1992 Clifford Edmund Bosworth 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502217 The Later Mauryas 232 BC to 180 BC: Dy. 240p. 1980 H. Alahakoon 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121507464 Later Mughals: ed. And augmented with the history of Nadir Shah's invasion bu Jadunath Sarkar 2 parts (bd. In 1) Dy. 858p. 1996 William Irvine 50 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500923 Life and Condition of the People of Hindustan 1200-1550 AD: Dy. 359p. 1988 Kunwar Muhammad Ashraf 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503981 Life and Times of Malik Ambar: Dy. 177p. With a map 1969 Radhey Shyam 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150399X The Life and Times of Sultan Mahmud of Ghazna: Dy. 286p. With a map 1971 Muhammad Nazim 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121510627 The Indian Stage: 4 vols. (in 2 bindings). Dy. 312p. 2002 Hemendra Nath Das Gupta 160 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121502713 Local Self-Government in India: Dy. 124p. Seventh edn. 1977 M.P. Sharma 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170690013 Maasir-I-Alamgiri: A history of the Emperor Aurangzib-Alamgir (Reign AD 1658-1707) trans.into English and annotated by Jadunath Sarkar Dy. 360p. 1986 Saqi Must'ad Khan 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502713 Magadh Samrajya Ka Uday: ( AD 321) Dy. 324p. 1981 ( in Hindi) Shriram Goyal and Shivkumar Gupt 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505702 Maratha Confederacy: A study of its Origin and development Dy. 172p. 1993 V.S. Kadam 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506913 Maritime India: Ports and Shipping: Dy. 746p. With maps and charts 1995 Animesh Ray 50 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504007 Marwar and the Mughal Emperors AD 1526-1748: Dy. 237p. 1966 V.S. Bhargava 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506468 Masulipatnam and Cambay: A history of two port-towns 1500-1800 Dy. 333p. With 2 maps 1994 Sinnappah Arasaratnam and Aniruddha Ray 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504015 Medieval Malwa: A political and cultural history 1401-1562 Dy. 460p. 1965 U.N. Day 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502861 Merchants and Rulers in Gujarat: The response to the Portuguese in the 16th century Ro. 280p. 1976 M.N. Pearson 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150529X Mlechhas in Early India: A study in attitudes towards outsiders upto AD 600 Dy. 366p. With 10 maps 1991 Aloka Parasher 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
8187586079 Medicine and Life Sciences in India: ed. Dy. 4t. 815p. 2002. (Vol. IV, Part 2 History of Science Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization Gen. Ed. D.P. Chattopadhyaya) B.V. Subbarayappa 165 INDMEDnMEDPLANTS   
8121501059 Modern Nepal: Dy. 116p. With map and b&w ills. 1985 Ram Rahul 22 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505435 Modern Tibet: Dy. 148p. 1992 Ram Rahul 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504842 Mongolia Between China and the USSR: Dy. 82p. 1989 Ram Rahul 22 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504023 The Mughal Government AD 1556-1707: Dy. 276p. 1994 U.N. Day 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501415 Mughal Relations with Indian Ruling Elite: Dy. 214p. 1983 Iqtidar Husain Siddiqui 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506409 Mughals in India: A Bibliographic Survey: Vol. 1:Manuscripts,Supplementary Part I Ro. 170p. 1996 D.N. Marshall 45 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121508495 Mukatabat-I-'Allami (Insha'I Abu'I Fazl): DAFTAR I. Letters of Emperor Akbar in English translation edited with commentary, perspective and notes. Dy. 156p. 1998 Mansura Haidar 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504058 The Nagabanshis and the Cheros: Dy. 256p. 1972 Balmokund Virottam 22 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504031 Nationalism in India and Other Historical Essays: Dy. 337p. 1968 D.P. Singhal 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500656 New History of the Marathas: 3 vols. 1986 (for the set) Govind Sakharam Sardesai 150 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500664 New History of the Marathas: Vol. I: Shivaji and His Line 1600-1707: Dy. 385p. Govind Sakharam Sardesai 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500672 New History of the Marathas: Vol. II: The Expansion of the Maratha Power 1707-72: Dy. 565p. Govind Sakharam Sardesai 55 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500680 New History of the Marathas: Vol. III: Sunset over Maharashtra 1772-1848: Dy. 534p. Govind Sakharam Sardesai 55 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121509149 Noblemen and Kinsmen: History of a Sikh Family Dy. 116p. With 4 ills. 1999 Preminder Singh Sandhawalia 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503434 Nobility Under the Sultans of Delhi AD 1206-1398: Dy. 230p. 1968 S.B.P. Nigam 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501520 On History and Historians of Medieval India: Dy. 276p. 1983 K.A. Nizami 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121508967 Oriental Commerce: Containing a Geographical Descrip. of the principal places in East Indies,China&Japan with their produce,manufacture and trade,including the coasting or country trade from port to port. 2 vols. Dy.4t.1150p.With 19 maps.1999(for the set) William Milburn 300 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501970 The Origin and Development of Vaisnavism: Vaisnavism from 200 BC to AD 500 Dy. 305p. Sec. Rev. and enl. Edn. 1981 Suvira Jaiswal 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150404X Orissa Under the East India Company: Dy. 370p. With 1 map 1971 Kishori Mohan Patra 30 HIST,CULnPOL   

ISBN ID        Book Title          Author Name            Book Price [US$]           Category of the Book

8170690854 An Outline of the Cultural History of India: Ro. 376p. 1979 Abdul Latif 45 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505508 A Panoramic History of the Indian People: Dy. 336p. With 34 text ills. And 11 maps 1992 (PB) D.B. Vohra 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504104 The Paramaras: A study in the political and cultural history of their kingdoms. Dy. 480p. 12 b&w ills. 1970 Pratipal Bhatia 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500636 The Partition of the Punjab 1849-1947: Dy. 206p. 1986 Prem Vati Ghai 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505356 Perso-Arabic Sources of Information on the Life and Conditions in the Sultanate of Delhi: Dy. 216p. 1992 Iqtidar Husain Siddiqui 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121510759 Perspectives in Social and Economic History of Early India: Dy. 340p. Third edn. 2003 (PB) R.S. Sharma 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505275 The Political Biography of a Mughal Noble: Munim Khan-I-Khanan 1497-1575: Ro. 210p. 1991 Iqtidar Alam Khan 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170690277 Political History and Institutions of the Early Turkish Empire of Delhi 1206-1290 AD: Dy. 412p. With 3 maps 1972 Muhammad Aziz Ahmad 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504090 The Political History of Hunas in India: Dy. 259p. With 6 coin plates and 2 maps 1973 Atreyi Biswas 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121509874 Political Mission to Bootan: with R.B. Pemberton, W. Griffith Ro. 374p. With a map Ashley Aden 75 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503272 Political Relations Between India and Nepal 1877-1923: Dy. 346p. With 2 maps 1973 Kanchanmoy Majumdar 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000047 Politics and Prejudice: Notes on Aristotle's Political Theory: Dy. 180p. 1975 O.P. Bakshi 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502241 The Positions of Hindus Under the Delhi Sultanate 1206-1526: Dy. 288p. 1980 Kanhaiya Lal Srivastava 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505699 Pracheen Bharat Ka Itihas : trans. Dy. 603p. 8 maps 1992 ( in Hindi) Purushottam Lal Bhargava 27 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150463X Pre-Ahom Assam: Studies in Inscription of Assam between the fifth and the thirteenth century AD Dy. 185p. 1991 Nayanjot Lahiri 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504090 Press and Politics in India 1885-1905: Dy. 333p. 1970 Prem Narain 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121507642 Prolegomena to Any Future Historiography of Cultures and Civilizations: Dy. 252p. 1997 Daya Krishna 28 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000048 The Punjab Papers: Ro. 290p. 1970 Bikrama Jit Hasrat 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121509505 The Rajas of Cochin 1663-1720: Kings, Chiefs and the Dutch East India Company Dy. 216p. With 2 maps 2000 Hugo K. s'Jacob 45 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121508576 The Rajas of the Punjab: Being the history of the Principal states in the Punjab and their political relations with the British Government Ro. 712p. 1998 Lepel H. Griffin 75 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504139 The Rajput States and the East India Company: from the close of 18th century to 1820 Dy. 290p. With 1 map 1972 Sukumar Bhattacharyya 20 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503183 The Relations of the House of Bikaner with the Central Powers 1465-1949: Dy. 448p. With 8 b&w ills. 1974 Karni Singh of Bikaner 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503000 Religious and Intellectual History of the Muslims in Akbar's Reign 1556-1605: with special preference to Abu'l Fazl Dy. 574p. 1975 Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504414 Religious and Quasi-Religious Departments of the Mughal Period 1556-1707 AD: Ro. 270p. With 7 b&w ills. 1984 Rafat M. Bilgrami 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503957 The Religious Policy of the Mughal Emperors: Dy. 216p. 1989 Sri Ram Sharma 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504120 The Republican Trends in Ancient India: Dy. 236p. 1969 Shobha Mukherji 24 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170690269 The Rise and Expansion of the British Dominion in India: with a new intro by Dr. B.L. Grover Dy. 437p. With 5 colour maps 1973 Alfred C. Lyall 45 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501695 The Rise of Muslim Power in Gujarat: A history of Gujarat from 1298 to 1442 Dy. 264p. Rev. and enl. Edn. 1982 Satish C. Misra 24 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501067 Rise of Nepal and Bhutan: Dy. 104p. 1984 Ram Rahul 24 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121507332 Royalty in Medieval India: Dy. 252p. 1997 Khaliq Ahmad Nizami 39 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000050 The Sacred Centre as the Focus of Political Interest: ed. Proceedings of the symposium help on the occasion of the 375th anniversary of the University of Groningen, 5-8 March, 1989 277p. Hans Bakker 185 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000052 The Sakas in India: Cn. 4t. 176p. With 54 b & w ills. 1981 Satya Shrava 150 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500958 The Scheduled Castes in Modern Indian Politics: Their Emergence as a Political Power: Dy. 368p. 1985 S.K. Gupta 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121509033 Scinde or the Unhappy Valley: 2 vols. (bd. In 1) Cn. 306p. 316p. 1999 Richard F. Burton 65 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504155 The Secretary of State for India and His Council 1858-1919: Dy. 198p. 1962 Sacheeniwas Singh 20 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000053 Shah 'Abd al-'Aziz: Puritanism, Sectarian, Polemics and Jihad: Ro. 612p. 1 map 1982 Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi 50 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000054 Shah Wali-Allah and His Time: A study of eighteenth century Islam, Politics and society in India Ro. 464p. 1980 Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi 46 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121508029 Shahjahanabad: A City of Delhi, 1638-1857: Dy. 256p. With 5 maps and 8 four-colour plates 1998 Shama Mitra Chenoy 49 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121507391 Ship-building and Navigation in the Indian Ocean Region AD 1400-1800: ed. Dy. 209p. 1997 K.S. Mathew 37 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502799 Simon Commission and Indian Nationalism: Dy. 250p. 1977 S.R. Bakshi 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000055 Social Condition in 18th Century Northern India: Dy. 272p. 1988 Pushpa Suri 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503086 A Social History of Islamic India 1605-1708: Dy. 230p. Sec. Rev. edn. 2001 Mohammad Yasin 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000056 Social History of Kerala: Vol. I: The Pre-Dravidians: Ro. 203p. With maps and ills. 1968 L.A. Krishna Iyer 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000057 Social History of Kerala: Vol. II: The Dravidians: Ro. 195p. With maps and ills. 1970 L.A. Krishna Iyer 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504201 Social Life in Northern India AD 600-1000: Dy. 420p. 1966 Brijnarain Sharma 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506395 Society and Ideology in India: ed. Essays in Honour of Professor R.S. Sharma Ro. 460p. 1996 D.N. Jha 75 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500044 Socio-Intellectual History of the Isna 'Ashari Shi'is in India 7th to 19th century AD: 2 vols.Ro. 959p. With ills. 1986 Saiyid Athar Abbas Rizvi 80 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504163 Socio-Religious Economic and Literary Condition of Bihar: Ro. 221p. With 36 b&w ills. 1962 B.S. Verma 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150421X Some Aspects of Medieval Gujarat: Dy. 166p. 1968 S.A.I. Tirmizi 24 HIST,CULnPOL   

ISBN ID        Book Title          Author Name            Book Price [US$]           Category of the Book

8121503213 The Soul of India: Dy. 232p. 1974 Satyavrat R. Patel 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170691214 Storia Do Mogor or Mogul India, 1633-1708: trans. With introductory notes by William irvine 4 vols. Dy. 2038p. 1981 Niccolao Manussi 150 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000058 Studies in Maratha History: ed. Proceedings of the 4th All India Maratha History Seminar Dy. 248p. 1979 (released in 1983) S.K. Bhatt 20 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150449X Sur Vansa ka Itihas Part 1 Shershah Suri : (1540-45) Dy. 498p. 1973 S.B.P. Nigam 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000059 Surat and its Trade in the second half of the 17th Century: Dy. 235p. 1977 O.P.Singh 20 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502586 Survey of India's Social Life and Economic Condition in the Eighteenth Century 1707-1813: Dy. 272p. Sec. Rev. edn. 1978 Kalikinkar Datta 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170690129 Tabakat-i-Nasiri: A general history of Muhammadan dynasties of Asia including Hindustan, trans, from Persian into English by H.C. Raverty 2 vols. Dy. 1662p. 1970 Maulana Minhaj-ud-din 125 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500605 Tazkiratul-Umara of Kewal Ram: The history of nobles from Akbar to Aurangzeb's reign AD 1556-1707, trans, into English Dy. 306p. 1985 S.M. Azizuddin 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500613 Trade and Civilization in the Indian Ocean: An economic history from the rise of Islam to 1750 Ro. 282p. With 23 b&w ilss. And 18maps 1985 K.N. Chaudhuri 45 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504702 Trade and Traders in Western India AD 1000-1300: Dy. 320p. With 2 maps 1990 V.K. Jain 50 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121508053 Tradition and Modernity: eds. India and Japan towards the Twenty-first century Dy. 320p. 1997 Hiroichi Yamaguchi and Haruka Yanagisawa 49 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505443 Turkestan Down to the Mongol Invasion: Dy. 605p. With 1 map 1992 W. Barthold 55 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502632 Tuzuki-i-Jahangiri or Memoirs of Jahangir: trans. By Alexander Roger and ed. By Henry Beveridge Dy. 829p. 1978 Nuru-d-din Jahangir 50 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505178 Twilight of the Moghuls: Dy. 280p. With 1 map 1990 T.G. Percival Spear 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502276 Twilight of the Sultanate: Dy. 372p. Sec. Rev. edn. 1980 Kishori Saran Lal 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500451 Urban Decay in India c. 300-c. 1000: Ro. 251p. With 2 maps and 23 line drawings 1987 R.S. Sharma 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121508606 Varanasi Rediscovered: Dy. 332p. With 40 b&w ills. And 12 maps 1999 B. Bhattacharya 59 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121510635 The Gods Within. Mind, Consciousness and the Vedic Tradition: Dy. 216p. 2002 Subhash Kak 29 RELnPHIL/PHILofSCI   
8121501776 A Historical Study of Indian Music: Dy. 444p. 2002 Swami Prajnanananda 48 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
0000000193 The Rasa Mana Ke Pada of Kevalrama: A Medieval Hindi text of the eighth gaddi of the Vallabha sect. Introduced, critically edited and translated. 408p. 1993 Alan W. Entwistle 230 LANG,LITnLING   
0000000194 The Pantheon of Mantramahodadhi.2000 Gudrun Buhnemann 412 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
0000000195 The Pantheon of the Prapancasara and Saradatilaka.2001 Gudrun Buhnemann 295 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
906980137X Fruits of Inspiration. Studies in Honour of Prof. J.G. de Casparis. 566p. With illustrations. 2001 Marijke J. Klokke and Karel R. van Kooij 582 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
9069801345 Kavya in South India. Old Tamil Cankam Poetry. 270p. 2001 H. Tieken 295LANG,LITnLING   
9069801396 Kausitaki Upanisad. Translation and commentary with an Appendix Sankhayana Aranyata IX-XI. 160p. 2002 Henk Bodewitz   Forthcoming   
0000000060 Western Sailors Eastern Seas: German response to Indian culture Dy. 72p. 1971 Sisir Kumar Das 24 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503477 Women in Mughal India: Dy. 191p. 1968 Rekha Joshi nee Misra 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506107 The Classical Law of India: trans. From French with additions by J. Duncan M. Derrett Dy. 323p. 1993 Robert Lingat 30 INDLAW   
8121504753 The Concept of Theft in Classical Hindu Law: An analysis and the idea of punishment Dy. 220p. 1990 Chanchal A. Bhattacharya 25  INDLAW   
8121503906 Indian Civil Judiciary in Making: Dy. 221p. With 1 map 1971 Chittaranjan Sinha 25 INDLAW   
8121502705 The Joint Hindu Family: Its evolution as a legal institution R. 272p. 1977 Gunther-Dietz Sontheimer 30 INDLAW   
8121502527 Narada, Brhaspati and Katyayana: A comparative study in judicial procedure Dy. 194p. 1978 Madhukar M. Patkar 25 INDLAW   
8121502187 Studies in the Dharmasastra of Manu: Dy. 122p. 1980 N.V. Banerjee 25INDLAW   
8121501741 The Yajnavalkyasmriti: With the commentary Balakrida of Visvarupacharya Part I: Achara and Vyavahara Adhyayas Part II: Prayaschita Adhyaya 2 vols. (bd. In 1) Dy. 527p. 1982 T. Ganapati Sastri 60 INDLAW   
8121500087 Ancient Indian Massage: Traditional Massage techniques based on the Ayurveda Dy. 4t. 106p. Line drawings 2000 Harish Johari 29 INDMEDnMEDPLANTS   
9069801388 The Raghuvamsa of Kalidasa with its earliest commentary: the Raghupancika of Vallabhadeva. Critical edition, introduction and notes, Vol. 1. 500p. 2002 Dominic Goodall and Harunaga Isaacson   Forthcoming   
9069801418 In Praise of Holy Men: Hagiographic poems by and about Hariram Vyas. 300p. 2002 Heidi R.M. Pauwels   Forthcoming   
8187586060 Life, Thought and Culture in India (from c. 600 BC to c. AD 300): ed. Dy. 4t. 1484p. 2001 (Vol. I, Part 2 History of Science Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization Gen. Ed. D.P. Chattopadhyaya) G.C. Pande 36 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121510260 Cabool: Being a personal narrative of a journey to, and Residence in that City, in the years 1836, 7 & 8 Dy. 410p. 2001 Alexander Burnes 59 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8190114506 Ayurvedic Practices: Home Remedies: Cn. 4t. 208p. 1999 Sodhana 25 INDMEDnMEDPLANTS   
8121502047 The Charakasamhita of Agnivesa: rev. by Charaka and Dridhabala, with the Ayurveda Dipika Commentary of Chakrapanidatta Dy. 4t. 810p. 1992 Vaidya Jadavaji Trikamaji Acharya 22 INDMEDnMEDPLANTS   
8121503590 The Classical Doctrine of Indian Medicine: Its origins and Greek parallels tr. From the French by Dr. Devraj Chanana Dy. 320p. 1964 J. Filliozat 25 INDMEDnMEDPLANTS   
8121501598 Dalhana and His Comments on Drugs: Dy. 306p. 1982 P.V. Sharma 25 INDMEDnMEDPLANTS   
8121506603 History of Indian Medicine: Containing notices, biographical and bibliographical of the ayurvedic physicians and their works on medicine from the earliest ages to the present time 3 vols. Dy. 1228p. With 2 charts 2003 Girindranath Mukhopadhyaya 75 INDMEDnMEDPLANTS   
0000000062 A History of Indian Medical Literature: 5 vols. Vol. 1a: Text, Vol. 1b: Notes; Vol. 2a: Text, Vol. 2b: Notes; Vol. 3: Indexes 2002 Set G.J. Meulenbeld 3090 INDMEDnMEDPLANTS   
8121502683 Indian Medicine: from German into English by Dr. C.G. Kashikar 1994 Ro. 220p. Julius Jolly 25 INDMEDnMEDPLANTS   
8121506085 Paths to Asian Medical Knowledge: eds. Dy. 306p. 1993 Charles Leslie and Allan Young 25 INDMEDnMEDPLANTS   
8121510074 Plant Myths and Traditions in India: Ro. 137p. With 28 b&w ills. Third rev. and enl. Edn. 2001 Shakti M. Gupta 37 INDMEDnMEDPLANTS   
0000000063 Vagabhata's Astangahrdayasamhita: compiled and ed. The romanised text accompanied by line and word indexes,1056p. 1998 Rahul Peter Das and Ronald Eric Emmerick 700 INDMEDnMEDPLANTS   
0000000064 Vrikshayurveda. The Science of Plant Life: tans. By Nalini Sadhale with commentaries by K.L. Mehra, S.M. Virmani and Y.L. Nene 102p. 1996 Surapala 30 INDMEDnMEDPLANTS   
8121505419 Anaphoric Relation in Hindi and English: Dy. 130p. 1992 Madhu Gurtu 25 LANG,LITnLING   
0000000065 Animal Fables of India: Hitopadesha or Friendly Counsel trans.ills by A. Ramachandran Cn. 4t. 269p. With numerous line drawings 1985 Francis G. Hutchin 130 LANG,LITnLING   
8121505370 The Aryan Problem: A linguistic approach Dy. 124p. 1992 Satya Swarup 25 LANG,LITnLING   
812151049X The Astadhyayi of Panini (set 81-215-0051-6) Vol. I: Introduction to the Astadhyayi as a Grammatical Device Ro. 248p. 2002 Rama Nath Sharma 50 LANG,LITnLING   
8121504562 The Astadhyayi of Panini (set 81-215-0051-6) Vol. II: English translation of adhyaya one with Sanskrit text, transliteration, word-boundary, anuvrtti, vrtti, explanatory notes, derivational history of examples and indices Ro. 560p. 2000 Rama Nath Sharma 75 LANG,LITnLING   
8121506530 The Astadhyayi of Panini (set 81-215-0051-6) Vol. III: Eng. Trans. Of adhyayas two and three with Sanskrit text, transliteration, word-boundary, anuvrtti,vrtti, explanatory notes, derivational history of examples, and indices Ro. 835p. 2002 Rama Nath Sharma 140 LANG,LITnLING   
8121507472 The Astadhyayi of Panini (set 81-215-0051-6) Vol. IV: English translation of adhyayas four and five with Sanskrit text, transliteration,word-boundary, aurvrtti, vrtti, explanatory notes, derivational history of examples and indices Ro. 820p. Rama Nath Sharma 150 LANG,LITnLING   
8121509629 The Astadhyayi of Panini (set 81-215-0051-6) Vol. V: English translation of adhyayas six with Sanskrit text, transliteration,word-boundary, aurvrtti, vrtti, explanatory notes, derivational history of examples and indices Ro. 640p. 2001. Rama Nath Sharma 140 LANG,LITnLING   
8121507871 Bahina Bai and Her Abhangas: Dy. 106p. 1998 K.P. Bahadur 25 LANG,LITnLING   
8170690382 A Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South Indian Family of Languages: third rev. edn., ed. By Rev. Dy. 680p. 1974 J.L. Myatt and T. Ramakrishna Pillai 50 LANG,LITnLING   
8121503639 A Comparative Grammar of the Modern Aryan Languages of India: with Hindi, Punjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya and Bengali. 3 parts (bd. In 1) Dy. 1046p. 1970 John Beames 75 LANG,LITnLING   
8121506344 Complete Works of Goswami Tulsidas: Eng trans. (for the set) Vol. I:Ramacharitmanasa 1994 Vol. II: Vinaya Patrika 1995 Vol. III: Gitavali 1996 Vol. IV: Dohavali 1997 Vol V: Kavitavali 1997 Vol. VI: Minor Works 1998(For details see under individual titles) S.P. Bahadur 160 LANG,LITnLING   
8121502357 The Concept of Indian Literature: Ro. 288p. 1979 Vinayak Krishna Gokak 20 LANG,LITnLING   
8121503663 Critical Studies in the Phonetic Observations of Indian Grammarians: Ro. 206p. 1961 Siddheshwar Varma 25 LANG,LITnLING   
812150886X A Descriptive Drammar of Dakkhini: Dy. 294p. With 3 maps 2000 Khateeb S. Mustafa 67 LANG,LITnLING   
8121503671 D.H.Lawrence as Critic: Dy. 286p. 1965 Ileana Chura-Sazdanic 30 LANG,LITnLING   
8121508142 Dhatu-Patha, The Roots of language: The foundation of the Indo-European verbal system Cn. 4t. 411p. 1997 Stephen R. Hill and Peter G. Harrison 65 LANG,LITnLING   
812150709X Dohavali: Eng.trans. An anthology of verses on Dharma and Morality Dy. 167p. 1997 (Complete Works of Goswami Tulsidas, Vol. IV) S.P. Bahadur 27 LANG,LITnLING   
8121504902 Dravidian in North Indian Toponomy:Dy. 112p. 1987 (released in 1990) Satyanarayan Das and Sunanda Das 25 LANG,LITnLING   
8121508908 English Language and Literature Teaching in India: A Bibliography: Dy. 205p. 2000 S.R. Ganguly and L.S. Ramaiah 37 LANG,LITnLING   
8121500206 The Formation of the Maithili Language: Dy. 652p. 1985 Subhadra Jha 50 LANG,LITnLING   
0000000066 Giriraj Kisor's 'Yatraein': A Hindi novel analysed 368p. 1997 Th. Damsteegt 255 LANG,LITnLING   
8121506697 Gitavali: Eng. Trans. Dy. 267p. 1996 (Complete Works of Goswami Tulsidas, Vol. III) S.P. Bahadur 35 LANG,LITnLING   
8121505038 A Grammar of Hindi Language: with notes on pronunciation by T. Grahame Bailey Dy. 638p. 1990 S.M. Kellogg 40 LANG,LITnLING   
8121503753 A Grammar of the Hindustani or Urdu Language: 1990 Dy. 416p. John T. Platts 35 LANG,LITnLING   
8170690463 The Heroic Age of India: A Comparative Study: Ro. 240p. 1975 N.K. Sidhanta 25 LANG,LITnLING   
8121503833 Hindi Phonetics and Phonemics Dy. 311p. 1970 Ramesh Chandra Mehrotra 250 LANG,LITnLING   
8121504546 A History of Hindi Literature: with a foreward by Dr. Amaranatha Jha Dy. 434p. Rev. enl. Edn. 1993 K.B. Jindal 40 LANG,LITnLING   
8121503078 History of Indian Erotic Literature: Dy. 148p. 1975 Narendra Nath Bhattacharyya 25 LANG,LITnLING   
8121504910 India in Hungarian Learning and Literature: Dy. 110p. With ills. 1980 Geza Bethlenfalvy 24 LANG,LITnLING   
8121503884 India's National Writing: 1969 Dy. 180p. Saraswati Saran 25 LANG,LITnLING   

ISBN ID        Book Title          Author Name            Book Price [US$]           Category of the Book

8121507901 The Indo-Aryans of Ancient South Asia: ed. Language, material culture and ethnicity Ro. 439p. 1997 George Erdosy 75 LANG,LITnLING   
8121506050 An Introduction to Hindi and Urdu: Ro. 342p. 1999 Richard Barz and Yogendra Yadav 40 LANG,LITnLING   
0000000067 Introductory Hindi Course: Cn. 4t. 516p. 1994 R. Caldwell Smith and S.C.R. Weightman 25 LANG,LITnLING   
8121507022 Kavitavali: Eng. Trans. Dy. 244p. 1997 (Complete Works of Goswami Tulsidas, Vol. V) S.P Bahadur 35 LANG,LITnLING   
8121508363 Lectures Against Sociolinguistics: Dy. 200p. 1998 Rajendra Singh 35 LANG,LITnLING   
8121508355 Linguistic Theory, Language Contact, and Modern Hindustani: The three sides of a linguistic theory Dy. 167p. 1998 Rajendra Singh 30 LANG,LITnLING   
8121505305 The Mahabhasya of Patanjali: with annotations (Ahnikas I-IV) ed. By Sibajiban Bhattacharyya Dy: 264p. 1991 Surendranath Dasgupta 25 LANG,LITnLING   
8121507057 Minor Works: Eng. Trans. Dy. 218p. 1998 ( Complete Works of Goswami Tulsidas, Vol. VI ) S.P. Bahadur 35 LANG,LITnLING   
8121505664 On Language Development and Planning: A pluralistic paradidm Dy. 156p. 1992 Uday Narain Singh 24 LANG,LITnLING   
8170690293 Outlines of Linguistic Analysis: Ro. 86p. 1972 Bernard Bloch and George L. Trager 22 LANG,LITnLING   
8121507162 Pali Literature and Language: trans. By Dr. Batakrishna Ghosh Dy. 266p. 1996 Wilhelm Geiger 25 LANG,LITnLING   
8121508517 Passions of the Tongue: Language Devotion in Tamil India, 1891-1970 Dy. 326p. With 12 b&w ills. 1998 Sumathi Ramaswamy 55 LANG,LITnLING   
8121506441 The Phonology and Morphology of Panjabi: Dy. 388p. 1995 Amar Nath Malik 50 LANG,LITnLING   
8121504074 The Pisaca Languages of North-Western India: Dy. 205p. 1969 George Abraham Grierson 20 LANG,LITnLING   
8170690080 Prakrit Praveshika: Introduction to Prakrit trans. Into Hindi by Banarasidas Jain Dy: 335p. 1968 Alfred C. Woolner 25 LANG,LITnLING   
8121506352 Ramacharitmanasa: Eng. Trans. Dy. 444p. 1994 (Complete Works of Goswami Tulsidas, Vol. I) S.P. Bahadur 35 LANG,LITnLING   
812150955X Ramavataracarita: Composed in Kashmiri by Sri Prakasa Rama Kunyagrami, the son of the soil in the nineteenth century AD translated into English Ro. 169p. 2001 (Ramayana in Regional Languages Series, Vol. II) Shanti Lal Nagar 35 LANG,LITnLING   
8121504112 The Ramayana: A Linguistic Study: Dy. 314p. 1964 Satya Vrat 25 LANG,LITnLING   
8121506689 Ramayana Tradition in Eastern India Assam, Bengal and Orissa: Ro. 207p. 1995 W.L. Smith 30 LANG,LITnLING   
8121509769 The History of Education in Ancient India (c. 3000 BC to AD 1192): Dy. 182p. 2001 Suresh Chandra Ghosh 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121507960 A Reference Grammar of Maithilli: Ro. 412p. 1997 Ramawatar Yadav 70 LANG,LITnLING   
8121504252 Saiddhantic Bhasa Vigyan: Hindi translation of Introduction to Theoretical Linguistics by John Lyons Dy. 538p. 1972 Satyakam Varma 00 LANG,LITnLING   
8121501261 Samartha Theory of Panini and Sentence Derivation: Dy. 114p. With tables 1984 Mahavir 25 LANG,LITnLING   
8121504309 Sanskrit Syntax: Dy. 99p. 1967 Irach J.S. Taraporewala 22 LANG,LITnLING   
812150418X The Science of Language: Dy. 440p. 1965 F. Max Muller 20 LANG,LITnLING   
8121504295 Shakespeare's Impact on Hindi Literature: Dy. 240p. 1970 J.P. Misra 20 LANG,LITnLING   
0000000069 Studies in Kathasaritsagara: Dy. 352p. 1993 Aparna Chattopadhyay 45 LANG,LITnLING   
8121503043 Subramania Bharati: Personality and Poetry: Dy. 192p. 1975 S. Vijaya Bharati 24 LANG,LITnLING   
8121506956 Translations of Hindi Works into English: A Bibliography: with a foreword by Raham Shaw Ro. 176p. 1995 Dipali Ghosh 30 LANG,LITnLING   
8121509467 Vedic Grammar: Ro. 456p. 2000 A.A. Macdonell 65 LANG,LITnLING   
8121503051 Verb-Morphology in Middle Indo-Aryan: Dy. 344p. 1975 Ravi Prakash 30 LANG,LITnLING   
8121506506 Vinaya Patrika: Eng. Trans. Dy. 355p. 1995 (Complete Works of Goswami Tulsidas, vol. II) S.P. Bahadur 35 LANG,LITnLING   
8121504279 Vyakarana ki Darshanik Bhumika: The philosophy of grammar according to Bhartrihari Dy. 557p. 1971 Satyakam Varma 20 LANG,LITnLING   
812150306X The Wisdom of the Tamil People: As illustrated by translated selections from their ancient literature Dy. 142p. 195 (UNESCO Collection of Representative Works, Indian Series) Emmons E. White 24 LANG,LITnLING   
8121508789 Acoustical Perspective on Raga Rasa Theory: Dy. 160p. With 54 graphs 2000 Suvarnalata Rao 30 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
0000000070 Aristotle and Bharata: A comparative study of their theories of drama Dy. 240p. 1977 R.L. Singhal 20 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121508983 The Art of Kathakali: Cn. 4t. 252p. With b&w ills. 1999 Avinash C. Pandeya 45 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8170691176 Classical Dances and Costumes of India: with an introduction by Ram Gopal Dy. 4t. 100p. With 53ills.,photographs and map drawings by author 1980 Kay Ambrose 25 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
812150872X The Classical Music of North India: Notations and explanatory text by George Ruckert The music of the Baba Allauddin Gharana as taught, by Ali Akbar Khan at the Ali Akbar College of Music Vol. I: The First Year's Study: Cn. 4t. 382p. 2002 Ali Akbar Khan 65 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121505267 A Comparative Study of Selected Hindustani Ragas: Based on contemporary practice Dy. 580p. 1997 Patrick Moutal 45 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121503116 Concept of Ancient Indian Theatre: Dy. 223p. 1974 M. Christopher Byrski 25 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121501539 The Dance of Shiva: Fourteen Indian essays with preface and inroduction by Romain Rolland Dy. 196p. With 34ills. 1999 (PB) Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 25 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121509408 Enlightening the Listener: Contemporary North Indian Classical Vocal Music Performance Dy. 166p. With audio cassette 200 Prabha Atre 325 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
812150807X Essays in Indian Ethnomusicology: Dy. 352p. 1998 Ashok D. Ranade 55 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121504422 Evolution of Raga and Tala in Indian Music: Dy. 307p. 1993 M.R. Gautam 25 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121505257 Hindustani Ragas Index: Dy. 340p. 1991 Patrick Moutal 30 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
0000000071 Indian Music: edited by Prem Lata Sharma: Dy. 580p. 1995 Jaidev Singh 45 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121504834 The Indian Theatre: Dy. 186p. With 15 b&w ills. 1991 Chandra Bhan Gupta 25 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121509238 The Indian Theatre: Dy. 8vo. 192p. With 31 b&w ills. 2001 Adya Rangacharya 45 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121508290 Introduction to Bharata's Natyasastra: Dy. 94p. 1998 Adya Rangacharya 24 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121509203 Introduction to the Study of Musical Scales: Ro. 292p. 1999 Alain Danielou 40 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121508681 Kathakali: The Dance Drama of Malabar: Cn. 4t. 148p. With 3 four-colour and 23 b&w ills. 2001 K. Bharatha 65 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
0000000072 Kattaikuttu: The Flexibility of a South Indian Theatre Tradition: 400p. 1998 H.M. de Bruin 300 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121507650 Khyal: Creativity within North India's classical music tradition Cn. 4t. 336p. With an audio cassette 1997 Bonnie C. Wade 65 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121505577 Man-and-Music in India: ed. Ro. 99p. 1992 Roshmi Goswami33 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121506794 Metatheater and Sanskrit Drama: Cn. 4t. 174p. 1995 Michael Lockwood and A. Vishnu Bhat 27 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121500214 The Mirror of Gesture: trans. Into English. Being the Abhinaya Darpana of Nandikesvara Dy. 60p. With ills. 1997 Ananda K. Coomaraswamy,Gopala K. Duggiralla 25 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
812150239X Music: Its Form, Function and Value: Dy. 202p. 1979 Swami Prajanananda 25 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121508673 Music and Musical Thought in Early India: Ro. 427p. 1998 Lewis Rowell 50 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121506433 The Music of Hindustan: Dy. 376p. With 15 b&w ills. And 2 tables 1994 A.H. Fox-Strangways 25 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
817069101X The Music of India: Cn. 4t. 96p. With 16 b&w ills. 1979 Atiya Begum Fyzee-Rahamin 20 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121501954 Music of India: A Scientific Study: Dy. 288p. 1995 B. Chaitanya Deva 25 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121503353 The Music of the Nations: A comparative study Dy. 232p. 2002 Swami Prajnanananda 35 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121509343 The Musical Heritage of India: Dy. 232p. With 8 four-colour and 43 b&w ills. Sec rev. and enl. Edn. 2001 M.R. Gautam 55 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121500486 Musical Instruments of India: Their history and development Dy. 176p. With 107 b&w ills. Third edn. 200 B. Chaitanya Deva 30 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121506808 Natyasastra: English translation with critical notes Dy. 416p. 1999 Adya Rangacharya 525 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121502616 The Origin of Raga: A concise history of the evolution, growth and the treatment of raga from the age of Bharatamuni to Bhatkhande Dy. 92p. With 8 b&w ills. Sec. Rev. edn. 1995 S. Bandyopadhyaya 25 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8170690064 Priyadarsika: A Sanskrit Drama:King Harsha: trans. Into English , with an intro. And notes together with textin transliteration Dy. 242p. 1984 G.K. Nariman,A.V. William Jackson,Charles J. Ogden 25 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121504737 Ragas & Raginis: Pictorial & iconographic study of Indian musical modes based on original sources Cn. 4t. 232p. With 8 b&w ills. 1989 O.C. Gangoly 40 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
812150225X The Ragas of Northern Indian Music: Dy. 414p. 1997 Alain Danielou 35 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
0000000073 Rasa. The Indian Performing Arts in the Last Twenty-five Years: Vol. I: Music and Dance.Vol. II: Theater and Cinema Dy. 4t. 760p. Illustrated 1995 Anamika Kala Sangam 300 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121505089 Sangitaratnakara of Sarngadeva: Sanskrit text and English translation with comments.Vol. I:chapter 1 Ro. 500p. 1999 R.K. Shringy and Premlata Sharma 55 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
812150466X Sangitaratnakara of Sarngadeva: Sanskrit text and English translation with comments.Vol. II:chapters II-IV Ro. 416p. 1996(Vols III & IV in active preparation) R.K. Shringy and Premlata Sharma 50 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121502535 Sanskrit Drama: Its Origin and Decline: Ro. 242p. With b&w ills. 1977 Indu Shekhar 200 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121500753 Sanskrit Natikas: Dy. 246p. 1986 Parvati Tandon 20 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8170691133 The Story of Indian Music and its Instruments: Cn. 247p. With 19 b&w ills. 1980 Ethel Rosenthal 25 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121502268 Tandava Laksanam or the Fundamentals of Ancient Hindu Dancing: Cn. 4t. 202p. With 184 b&w ills. 1980 B.V.Narayanaswami Naidu,P.Srinivasulu,O.V.RangayaP 30 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8121506611 The Theatres of Bharata and Some Aspects of Sanskrit Play-production: Ro. 184p. With 39 line drawings and 67 b&w ills. 1996 Goverdhan Panchal 45  MUS,DANCnTHEA   


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