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ISBN ID        Book Title          Author Name            Book Price [US$]           Category of the Book
812150046X Horse in Early Indian Art: Dy. 4t. 120p. With 62 b&w ills. 1987 T.K. Biswas 35 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
0000000011 Hoysala Architecture: Medieval temples of Southern Karnataka built during Hoysala rule 2 vols., Vol. I: Text, figures and maps. Vol. II: Plates Cn. 4t. 293p. (text) 426 b&w ills. 1994 G.M.M. Foekema 300 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
0000000012 Hoysala Sculptures in the National Museum, Copenhagen: Dy. 4t. 172p. With 48 figs and 60 b&w ills. 1975 S. Settar 125 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121502608 The Iconography of Tibetan Lamaism: Dy. 4t. 162p. With 184 b&w ills. And 2 four-colour ills. 1998 Antoinette K. Gordon 75 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121502144 Iconography of Composite Images: C. 4t. 95p. With 46 b&w ills. 1980 Dipak Chandra Bhattacharya 25 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121503388 Idea and Image in Indian Art: Cn. 4t. 148p. With 98 b&w ills. 1973 Niharranjan Ray 35 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
0000000013 India: tr. From the Italian by James Hogarth Dy. 263p. With 116 b&w and 53 four-colour ills. 1970 Maurizio Taddei 69 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
0000000014 India-Nepal Nagel's Encyclopaedia Guide: Cn. 8t. 830p. With 55 plans in b&w, 8 maps and plans in colour. 1977 Nagel 40 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121509041 Indian Art: Forms, Concerns and Development in Historical Perspective: ed. Dy. 4t. 414p. With 88 four-colour ills. And 148 b&w ills. 200 (Vol. VI, Part 3 History of Science Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization Gen. Ed. D.P. Chattopadhyaya) B.N. Goswamy in association with Kavita Singh 260 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121502977 Indian Costume, Coiffure and Ornament: Cn. 4t. 232p. With 155 b&w ills. 1975 Sachidanand Sahay 35 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121501028 The Indian Craftsman: with a foreword by Alvin C. Moore jr. Dy. 110p. 1990 Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 25 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121500818 Indian Symbolism: Symbols as source of our customers and beliefs with a foreword by R.P. Tripathi Dy. 4t. 144p. With 382 line drawings 1996 Rai Govinda Chandra 60 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121503914 Indian Temple Styles: The Personality of Hindu architecture Cn. 4t. 196p. With 50 b&w ills. And 4 ,aps 1972 K.V. Soundara Rajan 35 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121503892 Introduction to Indian Art: Ro. 116p. With 44 b&w ills. 1999 Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 25 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121508045 The Issues in East Indian Archaeology: Dy. 160p. 1998 Dilip K. Chakrabarti 27 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
0000000016 Khajuraho: with a historical introduction by Jeannine Auboyer Dy. 4t. 227p. With 145 b&w ills. 1960 Eliky Zannas 400 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
0000000017 The Koh-i-noor Diamond: The History and the Legend: Dy. 4t. 160p. With 66 colour and b&w ills. 1981 Stephen Howarth 75 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121508134 Mahabodhi or the Great Buddhist Temple under the Bodhi Tree at Buddha-Gaya: Dy. 4t. 97p. With 31 b&w ills. 1998 Alexander Cunningham 75 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121510546 Feminist Thought. Androcentrism, Communication and Objectivity, 2002 Shefali Moitra 25 RELnPHIL/PHILofSCI 
8121507014 Manasara Series: Vol. I: A Dictionary of Hindu Architecture: Treating of Sanskrit architecture terms with illustrative quotation from Silpasastras, general literature and archaeological records Ro. 884p. 1995 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 75 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121507197 Manasara Series: Vol. II: Indian Architecture According to Mansara-Silpasastra Ro. 278p. 1996 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 30 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121507049 Manasara Series: Vol. III: Manasara on Architecture and Sculpture: Sanskrit text with Critical notes Ro. 856p. 1995 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 75 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
812150662X Manasara Series: Vol. IV: Architecture of Manasara: Translated from Original Sanskrit Ro. 854p. 1994 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 75 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121507030 Manasara Series: Vol. V: Architecture of Manasara: Illustrations of architectural and sculptural objects with synopsis Ro. 879p. With 135 architectural and Sculptural plates including 10 in colour 1995 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 85 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121507324 Manasara Series: Vol. VI: Hindu Architecture in India and Abroad: Ro. 543p. With 80 b&w ills. And 5 maps. 1996 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 60 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121505801 Manasara Series: Vol. VII: An Encyclopaedia of Hindu Architecture Ro. 736p. With various plans and line drawings 1993 Prasanna Kumar Acharya 60 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121501423 Mithuna: The Male-Female Symbol in Indian Art and Thought: Dy. 4t. 140p. With 223 b&w and 18 four-colour ills 1983 Prithvi Kumar Agarwal 60 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121504368 Motifs in Indian Mythology: Their Greek and Other Parallels: Ro. 268p. 1981 Udai Prakash Arora 25 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
0000000018 Mughal and Other Indian Paintings: From the Chester Beatty Library 2 vols. Dy. 4t. 1200p. With over 650 b&w and coloured ills. 1995 Linda York Leach 1200 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121508991 Mughal Painting: An Interplay of Indigenous and Foreign Traditions: Dy. 4t. 142p. With 64 four-colour and 56 b&w ills. 200 Ashok Kumar Srivastava 1850 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121504589 North Indian Temple Sculpture: Dy. 4t. 224p. With 145 line drawings and 96 b&w ills. 1995 Urmila Agarwal 75 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121509068 Phantasmic Anatomy of the Statues of Mathura: Cn. 4t. 144p. With 154 line figs. 4 col. And 16 b&w ills. 1999 Sandrine Gill 45 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121500494 Prehistoric and Historic Archaeology of Gujarat: Cn. 4t. 182p. With 13 figs and 22 b&w ills. 1987 H.D. Sankalia 35 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   

ISBN ID        Book Title          Author Name            Book Price [US$]           Category of the Book
8121507316 The Prehistoric Background of Indian Culture: Cn. 4t. 211p. With 25 line drawings and 32 b&w plates 1997 D.H. Gordon 55 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121503167 Prehistoric Chronology and Radiocarbon Dating in India: Dy. 188p. With numerous line drawings and b&w ills. 1974 D.P. Agarwal and Sheela Kusumgar 20 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121502772 Prehistory of India: Dy. 224p. With 144 line drawings and b&w ills. 1977 H.D. Sankalia 20 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
0000000019 The Queen's Stepwell at Patan: Dy. 4t. 268p. With 211 colour and b&w ills. 26 plans 1991 Kirit Mankodi 180 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121507308 Coins of medieval India: From the seventh century down to the Mohammadan conquests: Dy. 114p. With 11 coin plates and 1 map 2001(Rs. 200) Alexander Cunningham 20 NUMESnEPIG 
0000000021 Realms of Heroism: Indian Paintings at the Brooklyn Museum Dy. 4t. 352p. With 77 colour and 297 b&w ills. 1973 Amy G. Poster 385 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
8121509297 Recent Studies in Indian Archaeology: ed. Ro. 452p. With 30 b&w ills. and 68 line drawings 2110. 2002 K. Paddaya 95 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI 
0000000022 The Religious Imagery of Khajuraho: Dy. 4t. 299p. With 224 ills. And 18 drawings 1996 Devangana Desai 180 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
0000000023 Reminiscences. The French in India: Dy. 4t. 144p. With 158 ills. 1997 INTACH 120ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121500826 The Rgvedic Deities and Their Iconic Forms: Dy. 4t. 242p. With 37 b&w ills. 1990 Jyotsna Chawla 60 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121505690 The Script of Harappa and Mohenjodaro and its Connections with other scripts: Ro. 242p. With 4 charts and 37 line drawings plates 1993 G.R. Hunter with an intro by S.Langdon 40 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121506646 The "Scythian" Period: An approach to the History, art, epigraphy and palaegraphy of North India from the 1st Century BC to the 3rd century AD Cn. 4t. 449p. With 45 b&w ills. 1995 J.E. van Lohuizen-De-Leeuw 90 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121502322 A Source-book of Indian Archaeology: ed. Vol. I: Background, Early Methods, Geography, Climate and Early Man, Domestication of Plants and Animals: Ro. 364p. With over 100 ills. 1979 F.R. Allchin and Dilip K. Chakrabarti 35 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121504651 A Source-book of Indian Archaeology: ed. Vol. II: Settlements, Technology and Trade: Ro. 716p. With 99 ills. 1997 F.R. Allchin and Dilip K. Chakrabarti 120 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121510163 A Source-book of Indian Archaeology: ed. Vol. III: Scripts, Languages and Inscriptions Coins, Architecture and Sculpture: Ro. 356p. With ills 2001 F.R. Allchin and Dilip K. Chakrabarti 90 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
0000000025 South Asian Archaeology 1985: ed. Papers from the Eighth International Conference of South Asian Archaeologists in Western Europe, held at Moesgaard Museum Denmark 1-5 July 1985 Dy. 4t. 496p. With line drawings 1990 Karen Frifelt and Per Sorensen 480 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
0000000026 Sri Nagabhinandanam Dr. M.S. Nagaraja Rao Festschift: Essays on art, culture, history, archaeology, epigraphy and conservation of cultural property of India and neighbouring countries 2 vols. Dy. 4t. 900p. With numerous b&w ills. 1995 L.K. Srinivasan and S. Nagaraju 480 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121505992 Studies in Early Buddhist Architecture of India: Cn. 4t. 128p. With 23 b&w ills. And 1 plan 1993 H. Sarkar 25 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121502888 A Survey of Indian Sculpture : Cn. 4t. 256p. With 181 b&w ills. 1975 S.K. Saraswati 30 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8170691265 A Survey of Painting in the Deccan: Dy. 4t. 248p. With 24 b&w ills. 1983 Stella Kramrisch 600 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121504325 Tantra Yoga: Cn. 4t. 135p. With 66 four-colour ills. 1971 Nik Douglas 20 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
0000000027 Le Temple D'Angkor Vat: Memoires Archeologiques Publies Par L'Ecole Francaise D'Extreme-Orient. Tome II 1929-32 Reprint 1995 3 bindings. Price for the 3 bindings given. Binding 1, Binding 2 and Binding 3 Louis Fenot 1800 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121506662 Temple Gateways in South India: The architecture and Iconography of the Cidambaram gopuras Cn. 4t. 217p. With 181 ills. 1995 James C. Harle 75 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121504376 Temples of Telingana: The Architecture, Iconography and Sculpture of the Calukya and Kakatiya temples Dy. 4t. 332p. With 142 b&w ills. 1972 M. Radhakrishna Sharma 60 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121504435 Theoretical Issues in Indian Archaeology : Ro. 160p. 1989 Dilip K. Chakrabarti 20 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121507707 Tibetan Religious Art: Cn. 4t. 120p. With 41 b&w and 2 colour ills. 1997 Antoinette K. Gordon 55 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121503256 The Transformation of Nature in Art: Dy. 254p. 1974 Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 25 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121508819 Two Lamaistic Pantheons: From materials collected by the late Baron A. Von Stael-Holstein, ed. With Introduction and Indexes 2 vols., Ro. 193p. (text) 318p. (plates) 1999 (for the set) Walter Eugene Clark 150 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
0000000031 The Vakatakas: An essay in Hindu Iconography 1997 225p. With 46 plates and 4 maps H.T. Bakker 390 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121506115 Vastu-Sastra: Vol. I: Hindu Science of architecture: (Engineering, town planning, civil architecture, palace architecture, temple architecture and an anthology of Vastu-laksanas). Ro. 848p. 1998 D.N. Shukla 75 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121506123 Vastu-Sastra: Vol. II: Hindu Canons of Iconography and Painting: With an anthology of Pratima-Laksana and Citra-laksana as well as an outline history of Indian Painting, archaeological and literary Ro. 880p. 1996 D.N. Shukla 75 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121502659 Visvakarma: Hindu examples of Indian architecture, sculpture, painting, handicraft. First Series: One hundred examples of Indian sculpture with an introduction by Eric Gill 1978 Dy. 4t. 36p. With 103 b&w ills. Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 30 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
0000000032 Wall Paintings from Ancient Shrines in Central Asia: Big size 162p. With 32 coloured and b&w ills. 1998 Sir Aurel Stein(Recovered by) Fred. H. Andrews (D) 900 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121506905 Water Conduits in the Kathmandu Valley: 11"x17" 119p. With 8 maps, 47 line drawings,116 b&w ills. And 3 tables and a portfolio containing 27 architectural drawings 1995 Raimund O.A. Becker-Ritterspach 180 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121502306 Yaksas: 2 parts (bd. In 1) Part 1, with 55 b&w ills. And part II, with 94 line drawings and 65 b&w ills. Cn. 4t. 136p. 2001 Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 85 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121502039 Yaksha Cult and Iconography: Dy. 4t. 210p. With 90 b&w ills. 1981 R.N. Misra 55 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121510325 The Wishing Tree: The Presence and Promise of India: Dy. 119p. 2001 Subhash Kak 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150547x The Autobiography of an Indian Monk: (PB) with an intro by W.B. Yeats and ed. With an essay on the author by Vinod Sena Dy. 198p. With 9 b&w ills. 1992 Shri Purohit Swami 25 BellesLettres   
8121504384 Friends of India-Biographical Profiles: Dy. 196p. With 15 ills. 1973 O.P. Jaggi 25 BellesLettres   
812150161X From Rome to Moscow. The Memories of an Olympic Trap Shooter: Ro. 352p. With 51 ills. 1982 Karni Singh of Bikaner 30 BellesLettres   
8121501830 Hazrat Inayat Khan: A Biography: Dy. 202p. With Photographs 1981 Elisabeth De Keesing 25 BellesLettres   
8121503426 Kalindi: The Caprice of the river and the greed of man, trans. From Bengali with a preface by Leila L. Javitch Dy. 300p. 1978 (Unesco Collection of Representative Works: India Series) Tarasankar Banerjee 25 BellesLettres   
8121502993 Mirza Ghalib: The Poet of the Poets: Dy. 242p. 1976 Saraswati Saran 25 BellesLettres   
8121501318 Bharatkosa: A dictionary of technical terms with definitions collected from the works on music dramaturgy by Bharata and others in Sanskrit Dy. 4t. 1016p. 1998 M. Ramakrishna Kavi 120 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121505348 Bhota-Prakasa: A Tibetan chrestomathy with intro., skeleton grammar, notes, texts and vocabularies Dy. 638p. 1991 Vidhushekhara Bhattacharya 45 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121509424 A Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology and Religion, Geography, History and Literature: Dy. 431p. 2000 (PB) John Dowson 29 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   

ISBN ID        Book Title          Author Name            Book Price [US$]           Category of the Book
8170690099 A Classical Dictionary of India: Dy. 963p. 1986 John Garren 40 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121507111 A Comprehensive Persian-English Dictionary: Including the Arabic words and phrases to be met within Persian literature being Johnson and Richardson's Persian,Arabic and English Dictionary,rev.enl. And entirely reconstructed Cn.4t. 1548p. 2000 F. Steingass 80 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121505453 Critical Word-Index to the Bhagavadgita: Ro. 406p. 1993 Prahlad C. Divanji 45 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121508622 A Dictionary of Indian Mythology: Ro. 341p. 2001 Narendra Nath Bhattacharyya 79 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121507065 Dictionary of Islam: Being a cyclopaedia of the doctrines, rites, ceremonies and customs, together with the technical and theological terms of the Muhammadan religion Ro. 760p. 1999 Thomas Patrick Hughes 65 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8187588004 A Dictionary of Moral Concepts in Gandhi: Dy. 97p. 2000 R.K. Gupta 25 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121501180 Dictionary of Oriental Philosophy: 2 vols. (bd. In 1) Ro. 440p. 1993 Ruth Reyna 50 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121506964 Dictionary of Pali Proper Names: 2 vols. Dy. 2564p. 2002 G.P. Malalasekera 129 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121500982 A Dictionary of Urdu, Classical Hindi and English: Cn. 4t. 1268p. 2000 John T. Platts 80 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121508568 A Dravidian Etymological Dictionary: Ro. 640p. 1998 T. Burrow, M.B. Emeneau 120 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121505801 An Encyclopaedia of Hindu Architecture: with various plans and line drawings Ro. 736p. 1993 (Mansara Series Vol. VII) Prasanna Kumar Acharya 60 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121500877 An Encyclopaedia of Indian Archaeology: ed. 2 vols. Dy. 4t. 920p. 1989. Vol I: Subject 440p. Vol II: Gazetteer of Explored and Excavated Sites in India: 480p. A. Ghosh 200 ART,ARCHAEnARCHI   
8121502837 English-Sanskrit Dictionary: Dy. 4t. 880p. 1995 M. Monier-Williams 50 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
812150564X An English-Tibetan Dictionary: Containing a vocabulary of approximately twenty thousand words and their Tibetan equivalents Dy. 1004p. 1994 Lama Dwasamdup 40 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121503787 A Glossary of Judicial and Revenue Terms: And of the useful words occuring in official documents relating to the administration of the Government of British India from the Arabic,Persia,Hindustani,Sanskrit,Hindi,Bengali and other languages Dy.4t.760p.1997 H.H. Wilson 100 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121504678 A Grammatical Dictionary of Sanskrit (Vedic) I-Phonetics: With complete index to Wackernagel's Altindische Grammatik and Macdonell's Vedic Grammar Ro. 302p. 1996 Surya Kanta 45 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121502934 Handbook for Indian Writers, 1975: Dy. 352p. 1975 H.K. Kaul 25 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121501400 Hindu World: An Encyclopedic Survey of Hinduism: 2 vols. Ro. 1330p. 1990 Benjamin Walker 85 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
0000000034 Historical and Cultural Dictionary of India: Dy. 330p. With a map 1986 George Thomas Kurian 130 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121501091 Hobson-Jobson: A glossary of colloquial Anglo-Indian words and phrases and of kindred terms etymological, historical, geographical and discursive new edition by William Crooke Dy. 1068p. 2000 Henry Yule and A.C. Burnell 40 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121507626 Index to History of Dharmasastra by Pandurang Vaman Kane: Comprehensive Guide to Hindu Rites and Rituals Dy. 295p. 1997 Krishan Lal Khera 35 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121504619 The Modern English-Hindi Dictionary: New edition with addenda Dy. 1172p. 1998 I.N. Anand 27 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121507952 A Multi-Dimensional Glossary of Official Language: (For the use of Banking,Insurance and Railways) Dy. 202p. 1998 Shriram Mehrotra 35 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121504729 Pali-English Dictionary: Dy. 4t. 753p. 2001 T.W. Rhys Davids and William Stede 60 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121507154 A Practical Sanskrit Dictionary: With transliteration,accentuation and etymological analysis throughout Dy. 4t. 396p. 1999 Arthur A. Macdonell 55 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121502004 Sanskrit-English Dictionary: Etymologically and philologically arranged with special reference to cognate Indo-European Languages, new edition,greatly enlarged and improved with the collaboration of E.Leumann and C. Capeller Dy.4t.1369p. 2002 M. Monier-Williams 85 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121504287 Sri Aurobindo: A Descriptive Bibliography: Dy. 250p. 1972 H.K. Kaul 20 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8170690218 Things Indian: Being discursive notes on various subjects connected with india 1972 Dy. 558p. William Crooke 30 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121507146 A Tibetan-English Dictionary: With special reference to the prevailing dialects to which is added An English-Tibetan Dictionary 1998 Dy. 693p. H.A. Jaschke 40 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121502640 Uddhara-Kosa of Dakshinamurti: A dictionary of the secret tantric syllabic code, text, intro., appendices and exegetical notes Ro. 160p. 1978 Raghuvira and Shodo Taki 25 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121500508 Agrarian Structure in Central India and the Northern Deccan: A study in Vakataka inscriptions Dy. 146p. With 5 maps. 1987 Krishna Mohan Shrimali 25 ECON   
8121500028 Agricultural, Industrial and Urban Dynamism Under the Sultans of Delhi 1206-1555: Dy. 218p. 1986 Hamida Khatoon Naqvi 20 ECON   
8121503701 Economic History of the Deccan: Dy. 448p. 1975 Dipakranjan Das 30 ECON   
8121502926 Economic Organisation in Ancient India: Dy. 352p. 1975 Shyam Sunder Nigam 25 ECON   
8121505516 Economy and Society in Early India: Issues and paradigms Dy. 189p. 1993 D.N. Jha 20 ECON   
8121509718 Economy of Colonial Orissa 1866-1947: 2000 J.K. Samal 45 ECON   
817069020X From Akbar to Aurangzeb: A study in Indian economic history Dy. 380p. 1972 W.H. Moreland 40 ECON   
8170691311 India at the Death of Akbar: An economic study Dy. 340p. With 2 maps 1983 W.H. Moreland 35 ECON   
8121502985 Initiative, Enterprises and Economic Choices in India: Dy. 260p. 1975 Vinod K. Agrawal 20 ECON   
8121505623 Alberuni's India: with notes and indices. An account of the religion, philosophy, literature, geography, chronology, astronomy, customs, laws and astrologyof India about AD 1030 2 vols. ( 1) Dy. 894p. 2001 Edward C. Sachau 49 GEO,TRAVnVOY   

ISBN ID        Book Title          Author Name            Book Price [US$]           Category of the Book
8170690838 Ancient India as Described in Classical Literature: Dy. 248p. 1979 John W. McCrindle 20 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121509483 Ancient India as Described by Megasthenes and Arrian: Dy. 240p. 2000 John W. McCrindle 35 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121509459 Ancient India as Described by Ptolemy: edited with an introduction notes and an additional map by Surendranath Majumdar Sastri. Dy.470p. With 1 map 2000 John W. McCrindle 49 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121507758 Bombay in the Days of Queen Anne: Being an account of the settlement and Burnell's Narrative of his Adventures in Bengal Dy. 224p. With 3 maps 1997 John Burnell 40 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121506026 The Book of Ser Marco Polo: The Venetian concerning the kingdom and the marvels of the east 2 vols. Dy. 1497p. With ills. Maps and plans 1998 Henry Yule and Henri Cordier 145 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121501326 Buddhism in India as Described by the Chinese Pilgrims: Dy. 141p. With 1 map 2002 Kanai Lal Hazra 25 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
812150838X Cathay and the Way Thither: trans and ed.,Being a collection of medieval notices of China, new edition, revised throughout in the light of recent discoveries by Henri Cordier 4 vols. Dy. 1338p. 1998 Henry Yule 200 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8170691362 Early Travels in India: Dy. 365p. With 9 b&w ills. And 1 map 1984 William Foster 25 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121505095 The Embassy of Sir Thomas Roe to India 1615-19: As narrated in his journal and correspondence Dy. 611p. 1990 William Foster 40 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121507685 The First Englishmen in India: Dy. 245p. 1997 J. Courtenay Locke 35 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
812150791X A Geographical Account of Countries Round the Bay of Bengal, 1669 to 1679: edited by Sir R.C. Temple Dy. 480p. With one map. 1997 Thomas Bowrey 57 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121500788 The Geographical Dictionary: Ancient and Early medieval India Ro. 403p. With 8 maps 1999 Narendra Nath Bhattacharyya 60 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8170690943 The Geographical Dictionary of Ancient and Mediaeval India: Dy. 4t. 278p. With 1 map 1983 Nundo Lal Dey 45 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8170690943 Geography of Early Buddhism: Ro. 112p. With 1 map 1979 Bimala Churn Law 25 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8170691346 Historical Geography of Ancient India: Ro. 354p. With 3 maps 1984 Bimala Churn Law 25 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
817069003X Ibn Battuta: Travels in Asia and Africa 1325-1354: Dy. 402p. With ills. And 4 maps 1986 H.A.R. Gibb 30 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121501237 India and Pakistan: A General and Regional Geography: Ro. 990p. With 17 tables and numerous maps and diagrams third rev. edn. 1994 O.H.K. Spate and A.T.A. Learmonth 55 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121507693 Jahangir and the Jesuits: trans. C.H. Payne with an account of the Travels of Benedict Goes and the Mission of pegu Dy. 317p. 1997 Father Fernao Guerreiro S.J. 40 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
812150919X Journal of a Route Across India, Through Egypt to England: Cn. 4t. 526p. With 12 colour,b&w ills. And 7 maps George A.F. Fitzclarence 95 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
812150774X A Journey from Bengal to England: Through the Northern part of India,Kashmire,Afghanistan and Persia and into Russia, by the Capsian Sea, 1782-84 2 vols. Dy. 625p. 1997 George Forster 75 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121503329 The Life of Hiuen-Tsiang: Shaman Hwui-Li with an introduction containing an account of the works of I-Tsing by Samuel Beal Dy. 266p. 2003 Samuel Beal 35 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121510031 Medieval Researches: From eastern Asiatic Sources Fragments towards the knowledge of the Geography and History of Central and Western Asia from the 13th to 17th century 2 vols. Dy. 710p. With map on Middle Asia 2001 E. Bretschneider 25 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121507839 Narrative of Various Journeys in Balochistan, Afghanistan and the Panjab: Including a residence in those countries from 1826-38 4 vols. Dy. 1972p. 2001 Charles Mason 240 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121503361 On Yuan Chwang's Travels in India AD 629-645: ed. After his death by T.W. Rhys Davids and S.W. Bushell, with an itinerary by V.A. Smith 2 vols. (bd. In 1) Dy. 818p. With 2 maps 1996 Thomas Watters 65 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121506999 The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea: Travel and trade in the Indian Ocean by a merchant of the first century Dy. 328p. With b&w ills. 2001 S.W. Schoff 35 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121510317 The Jummoo and Kashmir Territories. A Geographical Account. Dy. 583p. With 34 ills. And 7 maps. 2002 Frederic Drew 120 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121510341 Bhartrihari's Satakatrayam. With the oldest commentary of Jain scholar Dhanasaragani. With principal variants from many manuscripts, etc. Ro. 162p. 2002 D.D. Kosambi 39 SANSLIT   
8121510392 Hindu Diaspora. Global Perspectives Dy. 493p. 2001 T.S. Rukmani 60 SOCInANTHR   
8121510198 The Mind in Early Buddhism Dy. 232p. 2001 Bh. Thich Minh Thanh 35 BUDHSM   
8121510384 Urban Culture in Northern India During the Eighteenth Century. Dy. 402p. 2001 Muhammad Umar 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121510414 Construction of an Identity Discourse: Oriya Literature and the Jagannath Cult, 1866-1936 Dy. 259p. 2002 Subhakanta Behera 55 RELnPHIL/PHILofSCI   
8121509939 Cultural Rhythms in Emotions, Narratives and Dance Dy. 232p. With 22 4-colour ills., 55 line drawings and 2 maps. 2002 Nita Mathur 55 MUS,DANCnTHEA   
8170690366 Researches on Ptolemy's Geography of Eastern Asia: Further India and Indo-Malay Peninsula Dy. 974p. With 2 maps and 11 tables 1974 G.E. Gerini 600 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121510775 T.R.V. Murti: Dy. 148p. 2003.(The Builders of Indian Philosophy Series Gen. Ed. R. Balasubramanian) Harold Coward 27 RELnPHIL/PHILofSCI   
0000000187 The Art of Sanskrit Poetry: An Introduction to Language and Poetics Niels Hammer   Forthcoming   
0000000188 Guide to the Ajanta Paintings, Vol. 2: Devotional and Ornamental Paintings Monika Zin   Forthcoming   
8121507715 Sind Revisited: with notices of the Anglo-Indian Army; Railroads; Past, Present and Future, etc. 2 vols. (bd. In 1) Dy. 692p. 1997 Richard F. Burton 59 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121504885 Tibet Past & Present: Dy. 340p. With 3 four-colour, 68 b&w ills. And 2 maps 1990 Charles Bell 30 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121506824 Travels in India: trans. From the Original French edition of 1676 with a biographical sketch of the author, notes, appendices, etc. by V.Ball, edited by William Crooke 2 vols. Dy. 842p. With 8ills. And 2 maps 1995 Jean-Baptiste Tavernier 75 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121508851 Travels in India: During the Years 1780-83 Cn. 4t. 163p. With 15 engravings and map. 1999 William Hodges 70 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121509386 Travels from India to England: Comprehending a visit to the Burman Empire and a journey through Persia, Asia, Minor, European Turkey & c. in the years 1825-26 Dy. 300p. With 2 maps, 9 b&w and 5 colour ills. 2000 James Edward Alexander 75 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121505680 Travels in the Mogul Empire AD 1656-68: trans. On the basis of Irving Brock's version and annotated by Archibald Constable, sec. Edn. Revised by V.A. Smith Dy. 554p. 1992 Francois Bernier 30 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121507677 Travels in Western India: Embracing a visit to the sacred mounts of the Jains and the most celebrated shrines of Hindu Faith between Rajputana and the Indus;with an account of the ancient city of Nehrwalla Cn. 4t. 578p. 1997 James Tod 75 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
812150614X The Travels of Ibn Battuta AD 1325-1354: trans. With revision and notes by C. Defremery and B.R. Sanguinetti 3 vols. Dy. 881p. With ills. And maps 1999 H.A.R. Gibb 120 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
812150788X The Voyage of John Huyghen Van Linschoten to the East Indies: from the Old English Translation of 1598 2 vols. Dy. 728p. 1997 Arthur Coke Burnell and P.A. Tiele 75 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121507790 The Voyage of Nicholas Downton to the East indies 1614-15: ed. Dy. 277p. With 5 ills. And 3 maps 1997 William Foster 40 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121507766 The Voyage of Thomas Best to East Indies 1612-14: ed. With 4 maps 1997 William Foster 45 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
812150824X The Voyages of Sir James Lancaster to the East Indies: ed. Dy. 342p. 1998 Clements R. Markham 45 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121509092 Wanderings of a Pilgrim: in search of the picturesque, during four-and-twenty years in the east; with revelations of life in the Zenana 2 vols. Dy. 1115p. With 12 col. And 30 b&w ills 1999 (for the Set) Fanny Parks 240 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121509742 Western Himalayas and Tibet: A narrative of a journey through the mountains of Northern India during the years 1847-48 Dy. 515p. With 2 maps 2000 Thomas Thomson 59 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121508592 An Account of the Kingdom of Caubul: And its dependencies in Persia, Tartary and India; comprising a view of the Afghaun Nation, and a history of the Dooraunee Monarchy Ro. 708p. With 15 colour ills. And 2 maps 1998 Mountstuart Elphinstone 110 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150323X The Achaemenids and india: Dy. 92p. 1974 Sudhakar Chattopadhyaya 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170690161 The Administration of the Sultanate of Delhi: Dy. 329p. With 2 maps 1971 Ishtiaq Husain Qureshi 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150743X Adventurers, Landowners and Rebels, Bengal c. 1575-c. 1715: Dy. 286p. With 2 maps 1998 Aniruddha Ray 47 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503507 The Age of Vinaya: A historical and cultural study Dy. 314p. 1972 G.S.P. Misra 20 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170690056 The Agrarian System of Moslem India: A Historical essay with appendices Dy. 314p. 1968 W.H. Moreland 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170690722 The Ain-I-Akbari: from Original Persian into English 3 vols. With line drawings and maps 1978 [81-7069-071-4] (set) Vol. H.Blochmann,rev.and D.C.Phillott with line drawings and maps Ro. 802p. Abul Fazl Allami 45 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170690730 The Ain-I-Akbari: from Original Persian into English 3 vols. With line drawings and maps 1978 [81-7069-071-4] (set) Vol. II: H.S. Jarrett A Gazetteer and administrative manual of Akbar's empire and past history of India,Jadunath Sarkar Ro. 433p. Abul Fazl Allami 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170690749 The Ain-I-Akbari: from Original Persian into English 3 vols. With line drawings and maps 1978 [81-7069-071-4] (set) Vol. III: Trans. By H.S. Jarrett An encyclopaedia of Hindu,philosophy,science,literature & customs with the life of the author.. Ro. 540p. Abul Fazl Allami 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000036 Ajmer Through the Inscriptions 1532-1852 AD: Dy. 90p. 1968 S.A.I. Tirmizi 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500959 Akbar: The Greatest Mogul: Dy. 262p. 1989 S.M. Burke 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121510554 The Hidden Way: A Study in Modern Religious Esoterism: Dy. 164p. 2002 Johannes Aagard and Moti Lal Pandit 25 RELnPHIL/PHILofSCI   
0000000190 Individuals and Ideas in Traditional India: Ten Interpretive Studies Jagdish P. Sharma   Forthcoming   
0000000191 Republics in Ancient India Jagdish P. Sharma   Forthcoming   
0000000192 The Theory and Practice of Mantra Moo Saeng Ghim   Forthcoming   
8121510597 Directory of Personal Names in the Indian History from the earliest to 1947. Ro. 503p. 2002 Krishan Lal Khera 80 DIC,GLOS,HNDBKnIND   
8121504392 Aligarh District: A Historical Survey: From Ancient times to 1803 AD Ro. 362p. With 31 b&w ills. 2 drawings and 3 maps 1981 Jamal Mohammad Siddiqi 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503094 American Attitude Towards Indian Nationalist Movement: Dy. 376p. 1974 Diwakar Prasad Singh 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121508584 Ancient Indian Ports: with special reference to Maharashtra Dy. 184p. With 7 maps and 29 b&w ills. 2001 Sharad Hebalkar 45 HIST,CULnPOL   

ISBN ID        Book Title          Author Name            Book Price [US$]           Category of the Book
8121503485 Ancient Malwa and the Vikramaditya Tradition: Dy. 210p. 1969 D.C. Sircar 20 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121510228 Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan: Or the central and western Rajpoot States of India with a preface by Douglas Sladen 2 vols. Dy. 1332p. With 1 map, 2 tables 2001 James Tod 100 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000037 The Army of the Rajputs: Dy. 460p. 1989 R.K. Saxena 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501113 The Art of War in Medieval India: Ro. 412p. With b&w ills. And 2 maps. 1984 Jagdish Narayan Sarkar 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121509599 Aryans Revisited: Dy. 160p. With 1 map. 2001 Ramendra Nath Nandi 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121508509 At the Heart of the Empire: Indians and the Colonial Encounter in Late Victorian Britain Dy. 293p. 1998 Antoinette Burton 45 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502314 Aurangzeb-Attitudes and Inclinations: Dy. 53p. 1979 Rekha Joshi Misra 25HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000039 Ayodhya:Pt.I:The History of Ayodhya from the 7th century BC to the middle of the 18th centuryPt II: Ayodhyamahatmya.Introduction,edition & annotation. Pt. III: Appendices,Concordances,bibliography,& indexes.3 parts in 1 vol. 872p. With ills. & 5 maps 1986 H. Bakker 515 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505054 Babur-Nama (Memoirs of Babur): trans. From the original Turki text into English by A.S. Beveridge 2 parts (bd. In 1) Dy. 1022p. 1998 Zahiru'd-din Muhammad Babur Padshah Ghazi 45 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500109 The Bahmanis of the Deccan: Dy. 364p. With 18 b&w ills. And 1 map Haroon Khan Sherwani 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502896 Banaras in Transition 1738-1795: A socio-economic study Dy. 240p. With 3 maps 1975 Kamala Prasad Misra 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121509262 Bazaar India: Markets, society and the colonial state in Gangetic Bihar Ro. 322p. 1999 Anand A. Yang 55 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503566 Bengal Under Akbar and Jahangir: An introductory study in social history Dy. 278p. 1969 Tapan Raychaudhury 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506492 Benoy Kumar Sarkar and Italy: Culture, Politics and ideology with a foreword by Indira Palit Sarkar Dy. 144p. 1994 Giuseppe Flora 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150029X Bhakti and the Bhakti Movement: A New Perspective: A Study in the history of ideas Dy. 360p. 2002 Krishna Sharma 45 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500559 Bharat Mein Mughal Samrajya ka Prarambhik Itihas: (Akbar ki mrityu tak) Dy. 304p. 1987 Sri Ram Goyal and Shivkumar Gupt 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503531 The Bhumij Revolt 1832-33: Ganga Narain's Hangama or Turmoil Dy. 220p. With 2 maps 1967 Jagdish Chandra Jha 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503574 Bombay and the Marathas uo to 1774: Dy. 264p. With 1 map 1970 W.S. Desai 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502349 Brahmanas in Ancient India: A study in the roles of the brahmana class from 200 BC to AD 500 Ro. 296p. 1979 Govind Prasad Upadhyay 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503469 British Diplomacy and Administration in India 1807-1813: Dy. 239p. 1970 S.R. Bakshi 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505127 British Imperialism and Afghanistan's Struggle for Independence 1914-21: Dy. 414p. With a map 1990 Abdul Ali Arghandawi 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121508193 The British in Bengal: A study of the British society and life in the late eighteenth century Dy. 220p. 1998 Suresh Chandra Ghosh 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503582 British Social Policy and Female Infanticide in India: Dy. 220p. With 4 tables 1972 Lalita Panigrahi 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121508037 Canada: It's Religions and People: ed. Dy. 542p. 1998 Michael D. Behiels 49 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506816 Caste and Capitalism in Colonial India: The Nattukottai Chettiars Ro. 369p. 1995 David West Rudner 45 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121508886 Central Asia: A Textbook History: Dy. 150p. With a map 2000 Ram Rahul 27 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502292 The Central Structure of the Moghul Empire: Dy. 408p. With 4 b&w ills. 1980 Ibn Hasan 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503655 Charles Metcalfe in India: Ideas and Administration: Dy. 270p. With 1 map 1968 D.N. Panigrahi 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121510643 The Ancient Geography of India: Edited with introduction and notes by Surendranath Majumdar Sastri. Dy. 545p. With 14 maps. 2002 Alexander Cunningham 79 GEO,TRAVnVOY   
8121504899 The City in Early Historical India: Dy. 105p. 1990 A Ghosh 22 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000040 The City in South Asia: Pre-modern and modern Dy. 356p. With 27 maps and plates 1980 Kenneth Ballhatchet and John Harrison 185 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121507448 The Civilization in Ancient India: Dy. 205p. 1997 Louis Renou 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121507502 Colonial Indology: Socio-politics of Ancient Indian Past Dy. 272p. 1997 Dilip K. Chakrabarti 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506700 The Commerce Between the Roman Empire and India: Dy. 431p. With a map 1995 E.H. Warmington 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506638 Competition and Collaboration: Parsi merchants and the English East India Company in 18th century India Dy. 215p. With 3 maps 1995 David L. White 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150015X A Comprehensive History of Assam:Dy. 740p. With 4 maps 2002 S.L. Baruah 47 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502675 Concise History of Ancient India: Vol. I: Political History: Ro. 588p. 1992 Asoke Kumar Majumdar 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502071 Concise History of Ancient India: Vol. II: Political Theory, Administration and Economic Life: Ro. 448p. 1980 Asoke Kumar Majumdar 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501768 Concise History of Ancient India: Vol. III: Hinduism:Society, Religion & Philosophy: Ro. 925p. 1983 Asoke Kumar Majumdar 50 HIST,CULnPOL   
0000000041 A Cultural History of Bhutan: 2 vols. Cn. 4t. 421p. 1992 B. Chakravarti 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506328 Daily Life in Ancient India: From approximately 200 BC to AD 700 Dy. 360p. With 31 b&w ills. 1994 Jeannine Auboyer 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504406 Dalhousie in India 1848-56: A study of his social policy as Governor-General Dy. 174p. 1973 Suresh Chandra Ghosh 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500540 Dana: Gift System in Ancient India c. 600 BC-. AD 300: A socio-economic perspective Dy. 325p. 1987 Vijay Nath 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501601 Dara Shikuh: Life and Works: Ro. 340p. Rev and enl. Edn. 1982 Bikrama Jit Hasrat 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150368X David Scott in North-East India 1802-1831: A study in British paternalism Dy. 292p. With 3 maps 1971 Nirode K. Barooah 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8187586001 The Dawn of Indian Civilization: ed. Dy. 4t. 819p. With line drawings and halftone ills. 1999(released in 2000)(Vol. I, Part 1 History of Science Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization Gen. Ed. D.P. Chattopadhyaya) G.C. Pande 160 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505283 Development of Educational Services, 1879-96: Selections from educational records of the Government of India (New Series) ed. Ro. 437p. 1992 Suresh Chandra Ghosh 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502195 Development of Hindu Polity and Political Theories: with an intro. By N.N. Bhattacharya Ro. 464p. 1980 Narayan Chandra Bandyopadhyaya 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121507774 The Din-i-Ilahi or the Religion of Akbar: Dy. 254p. 1997 Makhan Lal Roychoudhry 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501164 The Dutch Factories in India 1617-23: A collection of Dutch East India Company documents pertaining to India Dy. 356p. 1 b&w ill. And 1 map 1984 Om Prakash 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150001X Dynamics of Urban Life in Pre-Mughal India: Dy. 271p. 1986 H.C. Verma 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503302 Dynastic History of Northern India: Early medieval period, 2 vols. Ro. 706p. And 658p. With 20 maps 1973 H.C. Ray 100 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150371X Early History and Culture of Kashmir: Dy. 328p. With 15 b&w ills. And 1 map 1970 S.C. Ray 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170691257 The Early History of the Deccan: ed. Ro. 876p. With 65 b&w ills. And 1 map 2 vols. 1982 Ghulam Yazdani 75 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505486 The Early History of Gold in India: Dy. 262p. With numerous line drawings 1992 Rajni Nanda 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505526 Economy and Society in Early India: Issues and paradigms: Dy. 189p. 1993 D.N. Jha 20 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505893 The Edicts of Asoka: Cn. 4t. 96p. 1992 Vincent A. Smith 20 HIST,CULnPOL   
8170690412 The Empire of the Great Mogol: A trans. Of De Laet's description of India and fragment of Indian history and annotated by S.N. Banerjee Dy. 272p. 1974 J.S. Hoyland 20 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500842 Essays in Ancient Indian Economic History: ed. Dy. 260p. 1987 Brajadulal Chattopadhyaya 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500850 Essays in Medieval Indian Economic History: ed. Dy. 280p. 1988 Satish Chandra 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121500834 Essays in Modern Indian Economic History: ed. Dy. 343p. 1987 Sabyasachi Bhattacharya 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501792 Essays in National Idealism: Dy. 218p. With ills. 1981 Ananda K. Coomaraswamy 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150760X Essays on South India: ed. Dy. 220p. 1997 Burton Stein 30 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121506557 Essentials of Indian Statecraft: Kautilya's Arthasastra for contemporary readers Dy. 163p. 1994 T.N. Ramaswamy 28 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503736 Expansion of Indo-Aryan Culture: During the Pallava rule : Dy. 143p. With 26 ills. 1965 B. Ch. Chhabra 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121504856 The External Trade of the Indus Civilization: Ro. 180p. With 2 maps 1990 Dilip K. Chakrabarti 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502365 Foreign Elements in Ancient Indian Society: Dy. 210p. 1979 Uma Prasad Thapliyal 26 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121508657 The French East India Company and the Trade of the Indian Ocean: ed. A collection of essays by Indrani Ray: Dy. 290p. 1999 Lakshmi Subrahmanyam 45 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121503744 The French in India 1763-1816: with 1 map 1971 S.P. Sen 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505737 The Ghaznavids: Their empire in Afghanistan and Eastern Iran,994-1040 Dy. 343p. 1992 Clifford Edmund Bosworth 35 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121505194 The Government of the Sultanate: Dy. 154p. 1993 U.N. Day 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121501814 Greater India: Dy. 240p. 1981 Arun Bhattacharjee 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502209 The Greeks in Bactria and India: Dy. 588p. With 4 maps sec. Rev. ed. 1980 W.W. Tarn 40 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502101 Hellenism in Ancient India: Dy. 280p. 4th rev. and enl. Edn. 1981 Gauranga Nath 20 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121507804 Historians of Medieval India: Study in Indo-Muslim historical writing: Dy. 162p. 1997 P. Hardy 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121502373 Historical Research in India: Dy. 102p. 1979 John Correla-Afonso 25 HIST,CULnPOL   
8121510457 A History of Afghanistan: 2 vols. Dy. 850p. With 20 b&w ills. And 7 maps 2002 Percy Sykes 70 HIST,CULnPOL   
812150693X History of Ancient Indian Sciences: Vol. 1: Botanical Science and Economic Growth: A Study of forestry, horticulture, gardening and plant science Dy. 225p. 1996 Lalta Prasad Pandey 25 HIST,CULnPOL   


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